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The website cyberinsurance.org.in is maintained by Na.Vijayashankar, popularly known as Naavi.

Na.Vijayashankar, more popularly known as Naavi, is an Information Assurance Consultant based in Bangalore, India. He is the promoter and Managing Director of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited.

Naavi is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Law in India being the author of the first book (1999) and first E-Book (2003) on Cyber Laws in India. He has also authored a book titled “Cyber Laws, Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era” and “Cyber Laws Demystified”. He is also the author of E Books, “Cyber Laws, ITA 2000 and beyond”, “Cyber Laws for Engineers”, “Cyber Crimes and ITA 2008”

Naavi is the founder of www.naavi.org the premier Cyber Law Portal in India. He has also introduced pioneering web based services such as Cyber Evidence Archival Center (www.ceac.in), Online arbitration Center (www.odrglobal.in ) and online domain name dispute resolution center (www.lookalikes.in). Naavi is also the founder of www.cyberlawcollege.com which is the pioneering Virtual educational institution in India dedicated to Cyber Law Education. Cyber Law College presently conducts offline and virtual courses on Cyber Laws

Naavi has been engaged in the training of Police in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and conducts several courses in Cyber Laws for different audiences. He has been a guest faculty in a number of institutions including NPA, IDRBT, DTRI, ISACA, NADT, LBS National Academy, Judicial Academies, etc. He is a visiting faculty at several law, engineering and management institutions including Nalsar University, Hyderabad, National Law School, Bangalore, and  PESIT, Bangalore.

Naavi has over three decades of senior corporate executive experience behind him. He has been an ex-Banker and Consultant to several Companies in IT Services. He has held top management positions in several companies engaged in the business of Banking, Advertising, IT Infrastructure Services and IT product marketing services.

He was a member of the IT Act Policy Advisory Group of the Ministry of Information and Technology and the Inter Ministerial Working group on Cyber Security and Cyber Laws of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and has been providing his inputs to the policy formulation in the area of Cyber Laws and Cyber Security at the Central Government level. He has been the member of the e-Governance Advisory Group, Government of Karnataka and the chairman of the NIC subcommittee on Legal Enablement of G2C transactions.

Naavi provides ITA 2008 compliance consultancy and HIPAA audit and implementation consultancy  to organizations in India.

Naavi also provides consultancy for Cyber Insurance to companies and assists them in negotiating with the Cyber Insurance Companies about the insurance coverage and underwriting terms.

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