Service Providers


Cyber Insurance is an emerging area of business. There are only a few Insurance Companies in India who are providing Insurance Policies to cover Cyber Risk.

Cyber Risk assessment is a matter of expertise which requires the skills of Information Security audit and management.

Whenever a claim situation arises, there is a need for a forensic experts to come in  and make an assessment.

Valuation of data for  the purpose of issuing a policy or for evaluating a claim involves not only an assessment of how much data is lost but also what type of data is lost and whether any monetary value can be assigned there on. This “Data Valuation and Data Loss Valuation” is again a specialist’s job who understands the domain in which the insured operates.

Thus Cyber Insurance requires many professionals other than the traditional Insurance Brokers to provide their expertise both to the  Insurer and also “The Insurance Companies.

In this part of this portal we would like to collate the details of all service providers who may wish to offer their services in the area of Cyber Insurance.

Interested persons may submit their brief profile to Naavi for registration and display of their contact particulars on the site. The template of the presentation of service providers would be as indicated below.

Sl No Date Name Expertise Contact
1  17/09/2015  Na.Vijayashankar (Naavi)

 Techno Legal Information Assurance
Consultant.  Assists companies in preparing for Cyber Insurance
including conducting of ITA 2008 compliance audit, “Cyber Risk
Transfer Consultancy”, Structuring of Cyber Insurance requirements,
Matching Cyber Insurance Policy offers with company’s requirements