Presently, Naavi is providing Techno Legal Compliance consultancy services such as “ITA 2008 compliance consultancy” and “HIPAA Consultancy”.

These techno legal compliance requirements are pre-requisites for any company to obtain Cyber Insurance.

Further many of the user companies may not be able to fully appreciate  their Cyber Insurance requirements, identifying the assets to be covered, how to value them, how to negotiate premium fixation, how to substantiate claims, etc.

Naavi intends to provide  “Risk Transfer consultancy” to Companies as part of “Risk Management”,  to enable them negotiate with Insurance brokers and Insurance Companies to derive a mutually satisfying Cyber Insurance contract.

Naavi is not an Insurance Broker but would provide Techno Legal Information Assurance services to companies so that they can get a policy which captures the requirements of the Insured and also match it with the Insurer’s requirements.

Naavi would also assist Cyber Insurance Companies in conducting pre-insurance surveys as well as post incident reviews.

Naavi’s Motto is ” What the Insured want should be what the Insurer Provides”